Application Security Testing

No one on the Internet is immune from security threats. The consequences of a security breach are great revenue impact, damage to credibility, legal liability, and loss of customer trust.

Security testing helps to make data and information on digital networks secure by identifying potential vulnerabilities and flaws in security mechanisms of the network, while ensuring compliance with latest recommended security standards.

Organizations often lack the internal resources and expertise to keep up with an ever-changing security landscape, let alone test and assess their networks, applications and overall security programs.

They need help elevating their security profile, reducing risk and achieving compliance with applicable laws and industry mandates

Security testing assures managements that their systems are secure from attack, vulnerabilities and provides end users with reassurance their data is protected and secured at all times.

  • Security testing can be carried out in conjunction with or independent of other testing processes
  • Security testing looks at stopping active intrusion attempts from external sources than fixing only inherent application flaw

Application security testing is the detection of applications’ conditions that are indicative of exploitable security vulnerabilities. Application security testing is divided into two sub-groups:

  • Static Applications Security Testing: (SAST) can be thought of as testing the application from the inside out – by examining its source code, byte code or application binaries for conditions indicative of a security vulnerability.
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing: (DAST) can be thought of as testing the application from the outside in – by examining the application in its running state and trying to poke it and prod it in unexpected ways in order to discover security vulnerabilities.

The key benefits of application security assessment are:

  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
  • Avoid the cost of application downtime
  • Protection of confidential data,
  • Preserve corporate image

We offer testing and assessments that address logical, physical, and technical and nontechnical threats to your environment. We can help you identify the gaps that expose you to risk and help you construct a stronger security posture.

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