Corporate Social Responsibility

The objective of Isolutions Associates CSR program, is to enable the organization and all staff to give back to the community, also give brand visibility of the organization to the society by working with institutions in the marginalized areas.



ISOLS has also incorporated the CSR Program to encourage professional and personal growth. By helping those in need and volunteering as teams, employees learn to work better together on important projects. Employees also experience a sense of pride when the company they work for show they are dedicated to improving their community through corporate giving programs and encourages them to be passionate about worthy causes.



  • Engaging regularly, openly and honestly with our host communities and all stakeholders.
  • Understanding the views of people impacted by our operations and considering these in our decision making.
  • Respecting and avoiding negative impact on existing cultures and heritage in our host communities.
  • Ensuring that our social responsibility is evident in our commitments to responsible health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Making positive contributions to society by investing in community development projects in the communities where we operate.
  • Committing to sustainable community development in areas of health, education and economic development
  • Respecting human rights and acting with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of others, addressing adverse impacts that occur, and facilitating access to remedy.
  • Respecting the rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples, and identifying and understanding the interests and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples when seeking to develop or operate a mining activity.
  • Sharing our social responsibility commitments with our supply chain.
  • Building awareness and capacity to identify, understand and manage the social impacts of our presence.