Data Security

Data is at the center of all computing technology, and this has before the biggest concern for customers and their applications. Data needs to be protected at all points i.e. from transmission to computing as well as at storage.

As we expand our digital workspace, the safety of data is continuously being put under question.

With a lot of personal data being share on social media in the current environment, hackers can generate enticing adverts through phishing emails mapped to the target’s interests.

These phishing emails promote fake products to Employees of corporate organizations resulting into credential theft leading to data breaches and possible financial losses because of reputation damage.

Imperva Data Security: In today’s economy, decisions are driven by data and every organization needs to be sure that their data is protected no matter where it lives regulations and privacy laws hold you responsible for data governance and compliance.

Data need to be secured from insider and outsider threats to protect your customer data intellectual property and brand, built-in database controls are an important starting point, but an enterprise needs to actively monitor database environments to track who is accessing data and what they’re doing with it.

To watch and protect all of your data assets you need visibility into hundreds of instances across dozens of database types to head off unusual activities before they become incidents.

Imperva database security is a comprehensive solution with automated database protection, streamlined compliance auditing and scaled governance procedures to fit your organization’s needs. #dataprotection #cybersecurity #dataprivacy #datasecurity

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