File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an essential security control that, done properly, monitors and reports any change to the integrity of system and configuration files.

Maintaining integrity is key because changes to files could represent a malware infection.

Malware will typically reside within an executable file or have some means of triggering a command or code.

Malware will either embed itself within an existing file or create a new one masquerading as a legitimate inclusion.

NNT is quite simply the best and most effective FIM solution on the market today because it is the only one that combines inbuilt self-learning intelligence to determine the validity of activity with the world’s largest file whitelisting service to determine the authenticity of activity.

The result is a precision system that will sift through the mass of legitimate file changes and only alert you to those that may be potentially harmful. NNT puts the ‘I’ back in FIM! #cybersecurity #nnt #FIM #dataprotection #informationsecurity

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