Data Privacy Webinar Invitation

Data Privacy is the right of individuals, groups, or organizations to control who can access, observe, or use something they own, such as their bodies, property, ideas, data, or information.

Liability for compliance falls to the individual or company who holds a customer’s data, for whatever reason.

In this webinar, Paul Steen an expert from Imperva will:

  • Explain the main data privacy challenges facing most organizations in 2021
  • Help you understand common elements of the most important data privacy regulations for specific industries, nations, regions and state
  • Show why good data discovery and classification tools are critical factors in achieving effective data privacy
  • Articulate Imperva’s current, medium-term and long-term strategic vision for helping enterprises master data privacy
  • Offer a way for you to assess the status of your existing data privacy posture and suggest how to improve it
    Don’t miss this chance to learn from our experts how to assess and improve your existing data privacy posture to meet 2021 regulations.

To find out more, join us on our Data Privacy Webinar on 29th July.

You can register for it HERE so you don’t miss out.

Get in touch with us for any information about the webinar, or about our awesome solutions for your business security needs.

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